Oil of Life Patounis soaps

About the Oil of Life Patounis soap

About our soap

Oil of Life brings the Patounis soap from Corfu, carefully handcrafted from locally-grown olives & locally-produced olive oil. Olive oil has been used for centuries around the Mediterranean for its many health benefits. It has also been used for centuries as a skin cleanser and a natural moisturizer.

Oil of Life sells two types of natural soap:

Oil of Life Patounis olive oil soap

Olive Oil soap 105gr (3.7oz)

Oil used: pure virgin olive oil
An exceptionally mild, hypoallergenic soap that according to local tradition, it is perfect for the face & sensitive skin. Made with pure virgin olive oil that acts as a moisturizer and leaves a "silky" effect on the skin & the hair.
Oil of Life Patounis green olive soap

Green olive soap 130gr (4.7oz)

Oil used: unprocessed olive pomace oil
A great cleanser, used for centuries around the Mediterranean for head-to-toe cleaning and sought out for its disinfecting & healing properties. Made with olive pomace oil that contains chlorophyll hence the green color when "fresh" that fades over time as the soap matures.

pure natural vegan biodegradable fragrance free
made from locally-produced olive oil with no additives

All soaps are manufactured at the Patounis Soap Works traditional factory in Corfu using only the basic raw ingredients of the traditional process (oil, soda, sea salt, and water) with no additives. To learn more about the process used to make our soap, click here.